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It’s sad to say I already know whats going on. Throw the act away please. Im not dumb. Niggas needa know how to be straight up and not live in a nutshell. Got a problem please confront me, no biggie man. Not gunna kill you for calling me a B.

Wanna know why you and I can’t be friends? How much do you about me for you to judge me? No needa judge based on how I look or how I am around others. If you know me, you’ll understand without me having to tell you every little detail. No needa be fake lol why give what others say? I get annoyed with those who sugar coat words just say what you needa say. You care you say but if you did even though those words would hurt me, you would know that I would choose to hear it from you than for you to lie straight to my face. Yeah apparently I’m “too nice” but dont get carried away. Dont come bawling at me when you “need” me then walk away when you don’t. Am I a bitch? Dont complain, I’m one to those who deserve nothing more from me.